Kids Colouring Contest 2020

In conjunction with International Children’s Day celebration, Prime Smile Dental Care is organising a Kids Colouring Contest for all Malaysian children. No registration fee is required.


This Colouring Contest is open for 3 categories of age group:

Category A (4 – 6 years old)

Category B (7 – 9 years old)

Category C (10-13 years old)  


Register your kids & stand a chance to win the following amazing prizes:

1st Prize: Drbuz Electric Toothbrush worth RM 129

2nd Prize: GC Tooth Mousse worth RM 80

3rd Prize: Curaprox Toothbrush imported from Swiss

Entry Prize: All entry are entitled for a Free Dental Checkup at Prime Smile Dental Care & a Take Home Gift.  


Steps To Participate:

Step 1: Like Facebook Pages of “Prime Smile Dental Care” & “Dbruz Sonic Toothbrush”.

Step 2: Print the colouring sheet on A4 paper & colour it as colourful & beautiful as you can. Only Crayon & Colour Pencils are allowed.

[Click Here To Download Colouring Sheet For Category A]

[Click Here To Download Colouring Sheet For Category B & C]

(Colouring sheets can be downloaded below as well)

Step 3: Take a photo of the participants holding theiry beautiful masterpiece & post the comment section of our Facebook post. Kindly state the full name of kids & the category they participate in. (Exp: Terry, Category A).

Decision is based 50% on number of likes you get on Facebook.

Last date for submission is on 28 Nov 2020.

Winners will be announced on 30 Nov 2020.  


Download Your Colouring Sheet For Contest Here:  

Colouring Sheet For Category A (4 – 6 years old):

[Click Here To Download Colouring Sheet For Category A]    


Colouring Sheet For Category B (7 – 9 years old) & Category C (10-13 years old):

[Click Here To Download Colouring Sheet For Category B & C]


Submitted Artwork:

Category A:

Tai Wai Xian

Ng Rui En

Kaitlyn Yu Ke Ni

Jasper Siak

Ho Zhia Woei

Ho Jia Ying

Fawwaz Irfan

Elva Lee


LeAnn Ong



Category B

Chloe Soo

Joanna Yu Zuo En

Ho Shin Yee

Soo Jia Ling

Hanny Insyiraa

Falson Hoo Jie Yang

Chloe Thong Hoe Ee

Elbert Yew An Chen

Siek Jun How



Category C

Victoria Teh

Tai Wei Theng

Rolyn Yu Pei Ni

Yu Koh Xuan

Ho Jia Xuan

Chloe Wong

Siek Xue Qi

Ong Giselle



Winners Of Kids Colouring Contest 2020:

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